SpectraVET Supporting The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies

Recently SpectraVET donated a laser system to The Institute for Marine Mammal Studies for treating sea turtles, sea lions, dolphins, and any animal in their care that could benefit from laser phototherapy.

The use of LPT in marine animal medicine is largely unstudied, although there is anecdotal support and some interesting case studies. As yet we don’t know if LPT is suitable for all marine animals, or what irradiation parameters, device design elements and application techniques are needed to administer light safely and efficiently and affect optimal outcomes to such a diverse range of skin, scale and body types & sizes.
Through our donation and ongoing support for IMMS, and donations of equipment, expertise and support for other similar organizations, we’re working to increase the overall body of knowledge and, along the way, help the amazing doctors, staff and volunteers at IMMS, and their colleagues around the country and the world, heal and release as many of these magnificent creatures as we possibly can.